My Daily Respite

So far work hasn’t been all that hectic, which will however change very soon. I decided to make full use of this time by going to nearest Masjid for dhur (mid-day) prayer. Initially I was planning to walk there, a 20 minute walk that I didn’t mind as it is summer time and gives a break for my chair that I sit on all day! I was telling about my plans to my non-Muslim co-worker and she immediately gave me her metro pass and told me to take the subway instead of treading through the heat. I was touched by the gesture to say the least. So thanks to her and another friend who also lent me the metro pass I was able to go to the Masjid five days in a row last week. This has never happened before, and it was wonderful. Nothing equates to the feeling of praying in a Masjid, the house of God. As soon as you enter all the worries of this world vanish into thin air. The heart feels content, the soul is ecstatic at the thought of connecting with God and the mind is finally at rest. I was elated that I get to do this every day and thanked God for blessing me with such a luxury.

The commute is as follows: 10 minute walk to the subway station, 2 minute subway ride, 2 minute walk to the Masjid. Last Tuesday was the hottest day ever in Toronto, it had broken all its previous records. As I was walking through what felt like a furnace I couldn’t help but wonder if I’d be able to do this whilst fasting. Also, how did people who fast work and go about their day in parts of the world where it’s extremely hot throughout the year. As I was pondering this thought a verse from the Quran came to mind “Verily, with difficulty comes ease” (Surah 94, Verse 6). I repeated it to myself as I walked and knew right then that I shouldn’t be worried about the difficulty of the task at hand, but look forward to the rewards. That night as I was about to go to sleep, a realization hit me like a brick of rock. I wouldn’t have to walk through heat waves, thunder storms or even blizzards during the winter time if I wanted to go to the Masjid, I could take the PATH! The PATH is an underground system that connects subways and major office buildings in downtown Toronto. It is temperature controlled so I wouldn’t be sweating or freezing. So YES, it is possible for me to do this while fasting irrespective of whatever the weather is, which can go to either extremes here in the T.O. !