Don’t use CAD Institute for Online AutoCad Classes

I am on a venting binge since this weekend (see Fido post). Actually no, I am just taking advantage of social media to fight back injustice in order to obtain what is rightfully owed to me. These days companies have learned how to promise a product that they don’t necessarily deliver. Or they trick you into paying more than you expected. Having worked since I was 15 I bloody well know the amount of effort and pain that goes into earning every single cent. All so that capitalistic heartless savages can swindle money from you right before your eyes.

So I started off by calling Fido and asking for a cheque that I should have received 2 years ago. I hated them while I was with and it was the happiest day of my life when I ended it. The fact that it’s been 2 years later, I’m not one of their customers and yet my mind is filled with hatred for them is completely their fault!

Acer dude was funny in a non-funny way. I started wondering how many people these days would actually pay $200 to repair their laptop. I feel sorry for these guys on the phone, they must know they sound idiotic based on people’s reactions.

Afterwards, I sent an e-mail to Second Cup explaining why they have lost me as a customer because of the lack of consistency and effort put into providing the absolute best drink (in my case it was the Caramel Corretto).

From Oct – Dec 2011 I took an online AutoCad course from CAD Institute. Upon completion I was suppose to receive a certificate in the mail. Three months later I didn’t get it, so I emailed the instructor and he told me that it’s been sent in regular mail (this is located in Kentucky, USA). It takes about a month for e-bay products from Hong Kong to reach me via regular mail. So please explain to me why I haven’t received it a month later?

I called the number on their site and explained the above. The guy kept on saying all certificates are sent 2 weeks after the completion of the course. Then he told me to e-mail the registrar. I said I already did that a month ago. His explanation was that the e-mail didn’t  go through and that’s why they haven’t responded to me … -__-… SERIOUSLY ?? It’s very rare but it does happen, we Canadians get furious as well.

I sent another e-mail to the registrar let see if they respond.

Many have suffered ‘The Wrath of Khan’ over the past three days. So seriously think twice before you cross my path. I can do a whole lot of damage with Twitter, Facebook and WordPress!



How my sister ‘Tumblr-ed’ onto my blog…

Last night, about 10 minutes after I published the previous post I get an email from my little sister with the link to that post and in capital letters ‘READ’.  I was shocked, stumped, stupefied. How on earth did she get a link to that post almost immediately after I had posted it? Clearly she doesn’t know I was the author, otherwise she wouldn’t be telling me to read something that I wrote. I ran around the house trying to locate her, and found her sitting on her bed.

“Why did you send me that link?”

“Oh, there was this girl that started following me on Tumblr and I followed her too so this post came on my feed.”

Realization hit me as I remembered that I had also created a Tumblr account and linked my blog to that. I was under the assumption that I was technically savvy based on the fact I possess a Windows 7 PC, the new ipad and a blackberry; thereby making me well versed on the three main operating systems. However, my younger sisters who are 17 and 14 are the real tech savvy Khans in the family, making me feel like I am from the Flintstone era whenever I am around them.

There is one thing I will admit to: I HATE REMOTES! I cannot function the TV in my home, there are way too many frigging remotes, TV, cable box, blue ray player, dvd player, VCR player (yes we still have them, actually 2 of them), playstation and last but not the least WII. We seriously need to get a universal remote! I usually make my sisters function the remote if I ever want to watch tv or play video games.

In terms of social networking, facebook is the only site I have been loyal to. Never been on any other sites such as Orkut, Hi5,  myspace, google plus (not going to rule this one out just yet..). I succumbed to Twitter last year but I wouldn’t say that I am an avid tweeter, far from it in fact. I am ashamed to admit it but when it comes navigating through social networking sites (with the exception of facebook) and as far as tech savvyness is concerned I am an old hag. I was actually struggling to set up the blogs on Tumblr and WordPress, and still learning my way around.

So, here was my sister showing me my Tumblr page and how she started following this ‘girl’ without even knowing who she was (kids these days are so nonchalant about privacy on the web) . It was amusing and odd to hear my sister refer to me (unknowingly) in the third person. I asked her what she thought of the post.

“That is exactly what we go through. Do you know this girl? She has also lived in Thorncliffe. “

Upon hearing what my sister had to say, I was gleaming with pride and joy as its probably the first time ever we connected over something, albeit unintentionally. In my house, it has always been my mom and dad in their own world, my sisters in their bieber/gomez world and I was Malcolm in the Middle. I am not complaining, I have always been content with this arrangement as it allowed to me wander in my own world.

As a result of the age/generation gap, my sisters and I didn’t mingle much with the exception of occasional movies/tv shows we’d watch together. So to finally connect over something after cohabiting for about 17 years is a reason for celebration. 😀

I didn’t admit to her that that ‘girl’ is ME. I just said “MAYBE” in reply to her question and left the room while trying to suppress my laughter.

About 10 mintues later (the amount of time it took her to investigate my tumblr) she barged into my room with her laptop.

“You know this girl for sure!”, she said pointing to a picture on her laptop, it was a picture of some paraphernalia from my room. She’s a bit slow, my other sister would have deduced this blog was indeed MINE and not ‘someone I know’ if she had come across the same evidence.

I decided to put and end to the mystery and admitted it was actually MY blog.

“No way!”
“Yes way..”

Then she walked out of my room in awe and disbelief that she barely knows anything about the being that has lived adjacent to her for as long as she’s been alive.

Well, all that’s going to change now. 🙂