One Country

Geography has been one of my favourite subjects since elementary school. As a kid I loved colouring maps.  I used to have a globe on my study desk, which I would twirl around and learn the capitals of random countries. We have a big fat world Atlas that I loved browsing through it and looking at various maps. Grade 7 was when we had a separate subject for geography. I forgot the teacher’s name, but it started with B and all I remember is that we called him gorilla because he was so hairy (kids are mean!). He was one of my favourite teachers. We would play geography games where he would name a country and we would have to say the capital. Of course, I was almost always the last one standing. I was also one of the few who could name the provinces and territories ofCanadaand their capitals from East to West. In grade 8 I was the only one to get perfect in geography test and in grade 9 I held the highest mark throughout the semester. I have no idea why I never pursued geography afterwards. OH wait I remember, it was because I fell in love with chemistry in grade 10. Actually I am glad I didn’t study it, because I lost passion for chemistry after in depth academia. As a result, my passion for geography is still intact.    

 One of the things that fascinated me about geography was the fact the entire world was in one piece about 225 million years ago and it was called the Pangaea. It consists of about 12 plates that have moved over the years to form the continents and countries that exist today.

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 Imagine if there were no plates and Pangaea was still intact. There would be no continents, countries, or islands, no boundaries, borders or barriers. All of humanity will belong to One Country. Everyone would be Pangaeans, speaking Pangaeish, our culture would be Pagaeistani. We wouldn’t need a visa or a passport to travel from one end of Pangaea to the other. There wouldn’t be any wars over ethnicity, no genocides or holocausts. As we would all be of the same race, same skin colour, BEIGE.

 However, as I am writing this description of an utopic world pessimism creeps in and points out all the ways having only one country could go wrong. I can’t help but think if Pangea still existed; it would be run like the districts from Hunger Games. Trying to elect one person to run the world would be an indescribable nightmare. How would the economy function, as there would be no imports and exports between countries. Paahhh, so I just dismissed my own ‘what if’ world. As you can see I had never given this thorough thought until now.

 The main reason why I was attracted to the concept of Pangaea is because of all the unnecessary wars taking place in the world at this moment and the various ones from the past. Everyone is killing each other because of the differences amongst them in respect to race, religion, culture, colour, language. What if we were all the SAME, in every aspect? Would the world be a less of a mess? Here’s some food for thought.