2015 and behind …

This year, with every bad instance, there has been an equal and at times even greater good one. Sometimes, it’s the bad that directly leads to the good.


Those who know me know about my periodic vacations. However, they don’t know about the amazing people that make those getaways worthwhile. I can never tell my kids to not to talk to strangers online as that would make me a hypocrite. The amazing people I have met (all Muzzies) through social media made my year. In summary, I met 11 of my internet friends of which 5 of them were first time ever. First year, I have had ‘tweet-ups’ in Canada, USA and UK. Thankfully, all of them were more interesting in person than online and none of them were weirdos.

Gained 3 new life skills,  one will help me get out of dire circumstances … actually the sole purpose of all 3 is to get me out of dire circumstances. I shall hone these skills in 2016 and hopefully apply them.

Progress in every which way. Although I often feel like I’m stuck in a rut and seem to be in the same place in life, when I look back I realize that that I had accomplished quite a bit and took drastic steps for change. I never gave up, remained positive and trudged through the worst of times.

Not so fuzzy moments:

The changes that were forced upon me by the universe. They came out of nowhere and knocked the wind out of me. As per Le Chatelier’s principle, every change has a way of reaching equilibrium, which then transforms into the new norm.

When you reach a point you can’t ignore something anymore and you’re just fed up so you’re like, that’s it I’ve had enough of this shit. It’s scary yet liberating.


Closed a couple of chapters this year, said my Allhamdullilahs and then kept walking forward.

2015 rocked… it really did. At the same time I’m glad it’s over, because the past is behind and nothing but good to look forward to.

Even the last hour of 2015 was a mix of emotions, but two of my favourite people on earth came to my rescue showering me with blessings and pyaar and I honestly couldn’t have asked for a better ending :’) !

Sabr, gained a bit of this in the past year however I still need bucket loads of it.

Shukr, always always grateful for everything and I know I can never be grateful enough for all that I’m blessed with.

Salaam, I came in peace and l leave in peace. Reminds me of a Punjabi saying found on the back of Pakistani trucks:

‘Khair nal aa, khair nal ja…’



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