List of WORST matrimonial profile pictures IMHO

1. Passport picture (need I explain?!)

2. Pouting Selfies

– I hate selfies (I also hate that I’ve been coerced into the selfie revolution), I want to be reborn into an era in which selfies did not exist
– I hate duck faced selfies
– The absolute abomination is Men posting duck faced selfies on a site in which he’s seeking a spouse !!

3. Washroom mirror selfies

4. Washroom mirror selfies where the urinal is visible  … -_- !!!!!!!!!!!

5. Now here’s the one that has traumatized me the most, I need to explicitly explain. Bear with me.

Parents dress up their kids solely for the purpose of using those pictures to embarrass them in the future. Fine, that’s acceptable as per current social norms.

Desi parents have this odd habit of cross dressing their children: earrings, make up and frocks for boys, boy cut and shorts sans shirt for girls.

One such parent decided to take a picture of their (6-8 month old) boy with a pink flower on his left ear. Now years later, as the boy became an adult into his 20’s, he recreated this picture by sticking a pink flower on his left year and pouting his lips as he blew a kiss to the camera. His profile picture was a collage of these two images, one his parents took and the one he imitated.

In all fairness, he must have thought this was adorable and women may like his playfulness. However, in my case it had me running in the opposite direction.

Muslim Men of 2015, I request you with utmost respect to revive your manhood. Please and thanks.

Rant Over.

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