Praying for an answered Du’aa

I just realized something.

My cousin and her husband had really wanted a baby so that was the main du’aa they asked me to make for them when I was going for umrah in March. I got a Qur’an as hadiya for their du’aa at the Haram Shareef.

About 2 weeks after I returned from Umrah my cousin found out she was pregnant. Allhamdulillah, she gave birth to a healthy child two nights ago.

I just realized that she didn’t get pregnant because of the du’aa I made for her. She was already pregnant even before I left for Umrah.

What you’re meant receive in this world; be it in the form of a blessing or a calamity that’s already written. The objective of making du’aa is to reaffirm your faith and strengthen your relationship with the Rabb. It is absolute submission that you have no control and it is He who determines what you shall endure in this world. If that doesn’t teach you humility …