A friend on FB posted a status (re: Palestine) asking why

‘Muslims unrelated to this issue are jumping up and down?’ … 
‘Why people are partial to one crisis and show no care for other injustice happening in the world such as Boko Haram Girls, Syria, ISIS…which makes it hypocritical to selectively care for humanity’

Lastly, they didn’t see the point of everyone posting #PrayforGaza statuses :

Here was my response.

1) You don’t have to be a Palestinian, a Muslim, or related to those lives lost innocently to speak up on this issue, which is evident from all the Non Muslims that have spoken out : Dr. Norman Finkelstein (a Jew who has lost family in the Holocaust), Channel 4s Jon Snow, CNN reporter Diana Magnay, and so many celebrities that have got the guts to speak up and not delete their support after being attacked by zionists: Selena Gomez, Crisitano Ronaldo, Coldplay, Mark Ruffalo and many more.

2) You probably never noticed but just as the Muslims are focused on Palestine this Ramadan by protesting, praying, fundraising. Last Ramadan’s focus was Syria/Egypt as that was major crisis at the time. Yes they have taken a backseat as social media has blown up with live feed of what’s happening in Gaza. This is the third attack since Obama came into power, 2008/2009, 2012 and now 2014. For the first time ever we aren’t relying on biased media to know what’s happening. We are seeing it as it happens. And if after seeing all those videos/pictures of the inhumane treatment of Palestinians, (who btw not ALL are Muslims, there are also Christian minorities) and the only question you and others have to ask is ‘Why are you not caring about other injustice around the world?’… Then is there any surprise how little humanity remains in the world?’

3) Israelis, mainly Zionists (as there are many Israelis against the siege of Gaza; eg. Ilan Pappe) have made it clear of their hatred of Palestinians. I’m sure a simple Google search will show images of kids signing missiles ‘With Love from Palestine’, soldiers posting smiling pictures with mutilated kids,  an Israeli father telling his kid to beat up a Palestinian kid, slogans such as ‘Death to Arabs’, Israeli officials stating ‘turn Gaza into a parking lot’, ‘rape, kill and murder Palestinian women so they don’t raise any militants’ and so on. They want to wipe out Palestine from the world and they have been successfully doing so for the past 60 years.

As for Palestinians all they want is the right to live like a human just like you and me and everyone else that has commented on this status. Yet, they’ve have been treated worse than criminals for their only crime being a Palestinian.

All those that are speaking up on this conflict, they are never in support of Hamas or the attacks on Israelis, they are speaking up on behalf of those that are voiceless and have been completely ignored by the international community for decades now.

UN, Amnesty International, WHO, and other humanitarian organizations have pointed out all the international laws Israel has broken, all the war crimes it has committed, yet how has Israel NEVER been questioned for its infractions? I’ll give you examples from the current war itself. When the three Israeli teens were killed (which was NOT by Hamas) a Palestinian teen Mohammed Khedair was burned alive in vengeance crime. Those who committed this was caught, how were they persecuted? No one knows. Not only that, his American cousin Tariq Khedair who did absolutely NOTHING was arrested, beaten, denied health care and no charges have been layed on him till date. These are two amongst thousands that have been unfairly attacked in West Bank/Gaza. Here’s a thorough article debunking Israel’s justification for this war:

Also I’m ever so baffled at what part of ‘Illegal’ the world doesn’t get about THE ILLEGAL SETTLEMENTS !!

4) Why is it only when people speak up for Palestinians people come and ask ‘Why don’t you care about other humanity?’. When there was outcry for Egypt and Syria, no one came and asked ‘Why aren’t you talking about the inhumane treatment of Palestinians?’ What makes one injustice greater than another? As others have pointed out it is human nature to care for one cause more than another. Just because I speak out for Palestinians doesn’t mean I am okay with the injustice being done in CAR, by ISIS, or what’s been happening in Syria/Egypt. Also, not speaking for a specific cause in order not be partial is like saying, ‘I’m going to care about NOTHING because caring about SOMETHING makes me seem hypocritical.’

5) South African Apartheid [1948 – 1991 : 43 years]
Sri Lankan Civil War [1983 – 2009 : 25 years]
Holocaust [ 1941 – 1945 : 4 years]

I’m pointing out the duration of the each of the events above NOT the scale of human lives lost/affected. It basically took that many years for the international community to wake up and realize what’s happening is WRONG and they did SOMETHING about it! Actually, to be precise South Africans fought for their own freedom and so did the Sri Lankans.. Only for the Holocaust was there a war to end it.

The duration of Israel’s overtaking of the pre-existing country Palestine starting from the massacre of Palestinians in 1948 is currently unknown as its ongoing for 66 years now.

If YOUR people and country has been occupied, sieged, massacred for 66 years while the world watches and does diddley squat ..What would you do??


Yes, we have no other way to help the Palestinians and THIS is why you’re seeing 65 #PrayForGaza statuses every five minutes on your TL.

I apologize for any historical inaccuracies as I clearly don’t know everything that is to know about all the conflicts that happen around the world.