A surprise, some theories and yummy gelato!

Friday was an extremely humid day, the type where it feels muggy and you wish to run through a sprinkler as you did when you were a kid. So that night, I decided to take my sisters and cousins out for gelato to the only good gelatteria in town ‘Hollywood Gelato’.  However, I decided to keep it a surprise and didn’t tell them where we were going. They were ripping their hairs apart trying to figure out this mysterious outing. As we were driving to pick up my cousin, each of them tried to guess the reason for this late night rendezvous.



“Go Karting?”

“At 9:30 at night??”


“ I already said NO to restaurant, and I’m never going to that one again! Awful service!!!”

“Ice Cream..?”

“No0o0o0oo0o0.. (Gelato is NOT Ice Cream :P)

The last of the passengers got on and we were onto the unknown destination. A few minutes into the ride, the one that got on last shared her theory about the reasons for this journey. She imagined that I had found someone to be my life partner in crime and that I was taking them to meet whoever he was in order to obtain their approval.


Good to know teenagers these days still have their imagination intact!

She soon realized how improbable her theory was based on my attire, which consisted of jeans, t-shirt I wear at home and my hijab that was put on haphazardly. Although, suppose if her theory was true.. I would totally dress in t-shirt, jeans and random hijab to go see that person, whoever or wherever he is.  If he can’t accept me in my bum clothes then I won’t accept him at ALL !

And this is how what could have been a mundane trip to Hollywood Gelato became a funny anecdote.


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